Teaching Experience

I enjoy teaching at all levels both mainstream and service courses.

I have lectured at the following universities: Adelaide, New South Wales, Darmstadt (Germany), La Trobe, Wales (UK), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Tulane (USA), Florida (USA), Wollongong, South Australia and New England (Armidale, Australia).

I have supervised PhD, Masters and Honours students in mathematics, computer science, information technology, and information and communications science.

I have lectured postgraduate, honours and every undergraduate year to students literally from every faculty of the university in mainstream and service courses in mathematics and information technology, on-campus and by distance education.

The topics lectured include: abstract algebra, business information technology, calculus, chaos theory, complex analysis, differential equations, discrete mathematics, "everything you wanted to know about e and pi but were afraid to ask", "famous impossibilities", functional analysis, geometry, group theory, service calculus courses, linear algebra, linear programming, number theory, probability, set theory, TeX, topological groups, topology.

Revised: October 18, 2001
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