Students Supervised

  • Dr Peter Nickolas for a PhD on Free topological groups and free products of topological groups.

  • Dr Mohd Saeed Khan for a PhD on Amalgamated free products of topological groups.

  • Dr Joan Cleary for a PhD on the Topology of locally compact groups. Joan won a La Trobe University medal for her PhD thesis.

  • Dr Carole Alcock, for a PhD on Online information delivery and libraries.

  • Mr Kevin Bicknell for an MSc in topological algebra.

  • Dr Caz McPhail for a PhD on A tale of three varieties of topological groups.

  • Dr Peter Sandery for a PhD on IT and university teaching productivity.

  • Ms Kristina Bendzovska for an M.Math., with her project being in group theory.

    Honours students:

  • Joan Cleary, whose honours thesis on Numerical geometry was later revised and published in the American Mathematical Monthly and won an award.

  • Georgina Wilson on the game of Hex.

  • Deborah King who won a La Trobe University medal, and whose thesis was on Stone-Cech compactifications.

  • Richard Kerr for honours in computing science whose project was on computer algebra.

  • Catherine Philpot for Bachelor of Information Techology and Communication honours whose project was on telecommunications deregulation.

  • Anna Milan whose honours project was on Embedding groups in 2-generator groups.

    Revised: October 18, 2001
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