The Mount Helen Campus of the University of Ballarat

The Tree - University of Ballarat, Australia - 02-10-27            The University of Ballarat, Australia - 02-10-27

Monuments in the City of Ballarat

Queen Victoria - 02-11-09            Robert Burns in Ballarat - 02-10-19            Moore's Irish Melodies - 02-11-02

Peter Lalor - 02-11-17           Boer War - 02-10-26

Sturt Street, Ballarat and Vicinity
Lydiard Street - 02-10-19           To the Bandsman of SS Titanic, Sturt St Ballarat - 02-10-26            The Mining Exchange - 02-11-16

The Weribeee Park Mansion

The Mansion, Werribee -02-11-04

A Day at the Races: The Melbourne Cup

Inspecting the Horses at Flemington - 02-11-05

Keeping Them Under Control - 02-11-05           Walking the Horses - 02-11-05           Waiting For the Big One - Melbourne Cup - 02-11-05

The Ballarat Ambience

Streetcars - 02-11-9           The Black Swans of Lake Wendouree - 02-11-16

A Trip to the West: Perth and Fremantle

Fremantle 02-11-23            University of Western Australia, Winthrop Hall 02-11-22            Swan River in Perth 02-11-24

Melbourne Revisited

Federation Square, Melbourne 02-11-30            St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne 02-12-01            Australian Baroque: Flinders St Sation, Melbourne 02-12-01

Australian Classicism: Parliament House Melbourne 02-12-07            Paris in Melbourne: The Tower on the Arts Centre 02-12-21            University of Melbourne, Graduate Centre 03-01-25

Gold Mining at Ballarat

The Puddling Machine: Juno A Purebred Clydesdale, Sovereign Hill 02-12-14           The Boiler House: Sovereign Hill Mining 02-12-14           The Eureka Stockade Museum, Ballarat -2-12-15

In the Outback and the Red Centre
Sunset in Rainbow 02-12-19           The Waterhole Which Gave Alice Springs its Name 02-12-22

Simpson's Gap near Alice Springs 02-12-23            Tommy Crow Playing the Didgeridoo with his Autograph 02-12-23            Uluru from Imalung Lookout 02-12-24            Uluru at Sunrise 02-12-25

Kata Tjuta-Olga Mountains 02-12-25            Do Not Proceed Pass This Point: Olga Gorge 02-12-25

Sights in Victoria

McKenzie Falls: Grampians National Park 02-12-29            The Great Ocean Road: Lorne 03-01-03            The Fern Trees at Erskine Falls near Lorne 03-01-04

The Rival Bendigo

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Bendigo (1897-1977) 03-01-11            Alexandra Fountain in Bendigo, designed by Vahland 1888 03-01-11            The Chinese Joss House, Bendigo 1860 03-01-12            Entrance to the Dragon Museum in Bendigo 1996 03-01-12

Adelaide Revisited

Colonel Light Pointing to the Lights of Adelaide  03-01-17

Ballarat Revisited 2004

Arch of Honour        Ballarat Railway Station        Frank De Luca's Property       

Geelong        Rainbow Crossing        Steer

Town Hall Buninyong        University of Ballarat        Warrenmang

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